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Default Explanation for this?

A little while back i plugged my ZVM to charge, and media player was open at the time, innoyingly WMP started syncronising my device without me knowing and putting all my tacks on again!
So wen i went on holiday (didnt know WMP had done this yet), all my tracks were doubled up, very innoying. Anyway, when i got home i thought ok ill just open it up in my computer and delete the doubled up folders or tracks, but for some reason it only displayed 1 set of tracks. The only quick solution was to delete those set of tracks, leaving my with 1 set on the player, however, when i open 'Zen', nothing is displayed .

Is there a reason why my computer wouldnt display the tracks that were added twise? And is there a way that in future i can accidently add tracks already on there?

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I had this happen. Only way I could fix it was to format the player.
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innoyingly WMP started syncronising my device without me knowing and putting all my tacks on again!
How to set WMP to not sync automatically within the device sync settings:

Open WMP, select Tools from the menu bar -> Devices tab -> right click on the device and select Change Sync Settings -> Uncheck the Sync device automatically check box

Yeah, I would do a Format as well since you already have your files on the computer. That way you can start fresh again with a new sync. You may also want to try resetting the WMP database as well:

Reseting the WMP database can be done in a couple of different ways. I believe you want to make sure that you have your media files on the ZVM backed up because you will need to reformat it so you won't end up with all duplicate files.

1. Make sure no WMP services are running.
2. Make sure no WMP programs are running (check Task Manager).
3. Close IE, Firefox, etc.; bascially anything that can have a WMP plug-in in use.
4. Follow directions from this site.

I also think that if you stop monitoring your music folder(s) in WMP, close WMP, re-open WMP, reset the monitoring of the music folder(s), it should rebuild it's database.

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