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Default ZVM not detected

First off, I have read through a fair amount of this forum and found people with similar problems, but each time there has been no resolution for me to try, so accept my apologies for starting another thread on such matters, but its possible you may be able to stop me from throwing my Zen out the window..

I have had my Zen for a couple of years, and have used it on/off depending on my various routines. I have come back to use it again recently and picked it up and it played fine.. great! Decided finally after a while I wanted to update the music library it has on it. This is where I have my problem

I have my original USB cable and Dongle with which to connect it, plugged it in as normal, but I can not detect it on my PC. The Zen still plays fine, charges fine using a wall charger, so it is still usable, but now I know I cant update its files, its driving me crazy like a small child who has just been told he cant have a new toy.

If I plug my Zen into my dongle/USB cable, it goes from being off, to on, and will pick up playing from where it left off last time. If I plug the same apparatus into another PC, and another laptop, same problem. It appears in no way, shape or form in the Device Manager, and the Device Manager does not alter at all when the Zen is plugged in, or unplugged, no unresolved devices either.

I know that since i last succesfully used my Zen with my PC, I have reinstalled Windows and obviously such updates as WMP11 and SP3 for XP, thought this might be a factor until i plugged into other PC's (no CD installed there though).

I have also managed to use my AV out cable for the Zen and through the Dongle attach to my monitor and get a picture, so I know the Dongle works in some capacity. Have tried setting up a 1gb partition on the Zen, still not detected, or any change in Device Manager either :S

Any ideas would be appriciated

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