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Hello. I just bought a 8gig Fuze today as my 20 gig ipod was stolen the other day. After thinking about it for a while and realizing that I was still a lemming doing what Apple told me and how they told me to do it I decided to buy a non-apple/microsoft music player. Anyway, long-short, I got this Fuze.

I use a distro called PuppyLinux and I'm struggling loading my music onto the player. First of all, I have 17 gigs of music over on my imac most of which was bought thru itunes, so I had to get a DRM cracker and am one-by-one changing albums into a non-communist music form. Then I have to bring it across the room via usb key and put it on my laptop. My computer recognizes the sansa as a usb and I have been dragging-and-dropping music into the music folder after opening the sansa drive. But the mp3's I bring over from the imac fall under, "unknown" and only show the song title. When I use pcdripper to rip the few cd's I have, the fuze recognizes song, album and artist without a hitch. I am using MSC mode in the usb category.

Any ideas? I had heard that Amorak under Linux works but I don't use KDE but I have a ton of livecd's and am willing to use a distro to update my fuze when needed if necessary. When I tried Amorak with LinuxMint 4, it was very confusing and not explanitory. But I knew this might happen when I decided that I wouldn't buy the other two kinds.
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