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Default MTP and MSC

ok, on the site you can update to 2 version of the 3.06 firmware, the MTP and MSC.
Now i don't know what the diffrence is, i've read all the threats about it, etc, still don't understand the diffrence ...
And what is the Lafleur edition ?

I'm from europe and i want the right update for my continent (so europe) ...
And do both of the firmwares have RDS for fm-radio ?

Thanks Nick
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If you buy your music online, best stick to MTP.
If you need to use your player on Mac, Linux, etc as removable storage, and don't buy music from online stores that are DRM-protected, then go MSC/UMS.

La Fleur is for La Fleur players, they have flowery graphics over the player.
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Default Hi V3 !

Hi V3...
The RDS facility is only available on the European MTP versions.
The LaFleur is both a flowery theme and a flowery firmware.
The LaFleur firmware is UMS/MSC, but as a theme it's also available on MTP firmware.
I use the Chaplin theme on the LaFleur firmware, reporting as 3.06 KV 2008. 5.29, and can easily live without the RDS.
I don't have the flowery casing, btw, I just don't like the whole Sammy thing, and can handle the flowery boot screen.
I find the ability to use the T10 (I've the 8GB) as a flashdrive is just excellent, and is in itself the main reason I've gone UMS/MSC.
Good luck !

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Default 4 Fimware versions of the T10

There are 4 Firmware versions.

La Fleur is a special addition MSC firmware, manly intended for Women and can be installed on any T10, it has one good feature as you can get rid of the Sammy boot screen, and select another running theme, like Chaplin.

Others are MTP & MSC

And the Best Buy version Firmware_YP_T10_Rhapsody_V3.06

The T10 Icon links on the left are for GUI Themes 10 to select from for 3 of these firmware types, they must match the fimware you have installed.

They are Installed the same as Fimware.

The RDS one only works on the UE MTP model , a US MTP can me easily converted by a simple BAT file, link here on how to do it..

Only use this type of method to update the fimware

Like this, this is for La Fleur that I installed Plus you must also copy the ROM & RSC files to the DATA folder of the T10 when updating from a MTP model.

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