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Unhappy "ZEN" startup-screen freezes

Dear all,

Just two quick things:
I mistook the "ok" button for the pause/play.
So recovery mode worked, and i did cleanup and reboot.
Now the zen started up. So problem solved? No! because I'm still having many troubles like crashes(resolvable with the reset) and sudden Power off's(also when deleting files or adding)
Could you please read the things below and explain what I did wrong and how to treat my zen otherwise, If been carefull but had only problems from the start, perhaps a bad batch?
Edit 2:

WTF is going on, had a crash again, resetted, rebuilded, to find al kinds of pictures from my hard drive been uploaded, playlist from WMP, different photo's from my PC, still havind doubles!
Then I plugged my zen in the USB again, he kept starting up, showed creative 5 times, then zen 2 times, then creative and zen after eachother 4 times, then i unplugged
Old message:

After hours of researching, I've grown desperate:

when i turn my zen on, it says: creative,
and then it says ZEN, like always. Only the zen screen stays on for ever, not working when plugged into USB either.
When I reset, and turn it on again(or plug into USB) same thing happens,
When I try the recovery mode, same thing.
See below for more information
Please help.


I own my zen for half a week now, struggled with Album art a lot, fixed it with media monkey, uploaded it, worked.
Today I saw that my music was on it twice, because of WMP sync.
that half had no album art, so i figgured out which half to delete and deleted it(also saw strange file names, like "BO"(which was the "i want you" song from bob dylan, no extension, nothing.
Then i (safely) unplugged my zen, and had the problemfor he first time.


P.S. i had quite a few crashes, and my friend had none(he already owns his player a year or so) what am I doing wrong?

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