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Lightbulb Sansa View's main Firmware problems

*Battery issue:
guys, I got around 35 hours of it ! just dim the brightness to minimum, play 128Kb/s music files, remove MicroSD & music is better to be transferred all by MSC mode & NOT MTP mode !!!
I've been testing this method for a whole month & the results are accurately the same as Sandisk's claim...

*video issue:
my player doesn't seem to be buggy while running videos, but I complain about not having info displayed while playing the file (I mean, why not displaying name, time, etc... when pausing or playing ??? they've just put a progress bar, not more :s)
also, I don't know if that was an option that I haven't activated, but video's menu doesn't have sneak preview of the file like pictures' menu, you know, that large thumbnail ???

*music playing:
the graphical equalizer isn't real !!! it's just rhythmic playing of the same preset... it's doesn't display peaks or anythings...
also, when viewing album art, it snaps back to the progress bar too much faster than usual, or even when displaying "next song"...
of course gapless playback is not available, it's annoying...
selecting music files is boring if you have a long list :s why not integrating in it search mode or power scroll ???
& finally, fast forwarding is slooooow, it takes time to respond, & time to stop responding

*main menu's interface:
it's a flow design with nothing to point for selection... not even like the sansa fuze where the selected object glows to show you that you're selecting it
also, you don't have the option to orient the display just like you can do with the ipod nano 4G, it's pretty amusing to have manual orientation instead of being tied to the video & pictures only

*music transfer:
using MTP, skipping music or pausing it was stressful, boring & annoying coz it freezes a lot for long time... but when using MSC, audio playback becomes faster & less annoying though it still take time sometimes...
also, when in MTP mode, you can't modify music files directly... I"m a guy who likes to modify his music files constantly in order to update them with album arts, full ID3 tags, etc... & MTP doesn't give me that option at all..

*software compatibility:
I don't know why, but the sansa view didn't go on with my car's audio system, it just didn't read it... I have a hyundai elantra 2008, with a built in audio system, & it has a port for connecting mp3 players... when I connected my brother's 5.5G ipod, it turned on, played music according to the car's commands ! & the sansa didn't... I'm afraid it's a problem that faces any try of connecting it to a sound system using the 30-pins connecting cable.

P.S.: I don't know about other sansa view users, but my player's "Sandisk" brand name at it's back is fading quickly it's frustrating
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The whole silicon/rubber backing has been coming off of mine for months now, this is the second one since the first did the whole blue ring, black screen thing, and had to be rma'd. It looks like I've beaten the thing up, while the truth is I've babied it right out of the box.
Don't forget about the shoddy rewinding, (it works but only when it wants to).
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Your elantra is probably ipod ready and its cable is only for ipod unless it mentions made for sansa, you should not plug your sansa or you may damage it.
i have a 2008 Civic, it has a 3.5 mm jack to connect any mp3 player but note that the stereo cant control the player, only play the music, i bet your Elantra can have this type of connection but note you wil not be able to control it from the car or the wheel, you will need to skip songs manually.
hope this helps.
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wow the thing's been out for a year and there still are alot of problems. Thank god for e200v1 + rockbox which is constantly being worked on
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I bought a Fuze on Friday from Costco for $60 and returned a Sony NWZ-A828 because the sound was about the same with my earbuds and didn't like the bluetooth sound. Also, the Fuze display is better when viewing video. I can plug the view into my AudioLink on the Mazda MX-5 and easily changing volume and tracks while driving, it's just a touch and press; something that no other player offers. I've also tried YP-P2 (bluetooth is a joke) and it's a project, not a player and Zune with it's proprietary software... not thanks MS.
I ordered a View yesterday, 16GB for $150 from Sandisk along with the video cable for viewing on TV.
Sandisk rocks!
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Originally Posted by Roadstr View Post
I ordered a View yesterday, 16GB for $150 from Sandisk along with the video cable for viewing on TV.
Sandisk rocks!
Do you have a link to the video cable for tv?
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I bought these on eBay from coolwireless.

An eBay search for <<Sandisk View AV cable>> will give you a number of items to choose from. I just liked this design.

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