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Unhappy Ipod defetes the YP-T10???

I have been wondering if the new ipod nano "nano chromatic" would beat the samsung YP-T10.
Will the world of normal MP4s be yet again be in the hands of Apple??

Here is a link for more info on the new nano:

This thread is about expressing your own opinions!

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Samsung beats the Nano with a better screen, better sound, more features, better price, and a more customizable UI. The Nano beats the T10 with better software, better marketing, higher capacity (16 GB) and more colors. If you're out looking for a fantastic music player, get the T10. If you want a fashion accessory, get the Nano.

The new Nano brings nothing new to the market. Genius has already been introduced in a similar form by Sony, with their SensMe technology. Nano's screen and sound are the same, and they've been using the same UI and basic design for years. I don't really consider putting a picture at the bottom or the side of the main menu to be a brand new UI.

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What to do you mean by "beat" the T10?

In terms of sound quality and features, never. T10 is a winner by a mile.
Market share, probably, but hopefully the iPod is taken down soon, though not likely by the T10.

Also, like reaper said, the iPod does have better marketing and higher capacity. Software, yes, better, but I still don't like iTunes.

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Ipod are too trendy and expensive. I was amused by the shake to shuffle feature but can't see myself spend over $100 for a mp3 player. Plus I liked the features my T10 has that Ipods don't. Samsung does need to work on their software though.

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It's spelled "defeat"... and on that note I think this thread has run its course.

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