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Default Is it possible my av cable died?


I have been using an original creative AV cable with a replacemant sync adapter i got when i lost the original one. In the beginning it worked great, then after about 9 months, something went wrong with the connection, which meant i had to fiddle with it for a long time before it would work, but it always worked at the end. (only for the video for some reason, the red/white audio worked fine)

Now... I connect the cable and i never see any picture. I have a portable DVD player which uses (i belive) the same cable as the ZVM, (i used to be able to interchage them). Now, when i connect the creative cable to the dvd , i see no picture, and when i connect the dvd cable to the zen i get the need-to-fiddle-with-it kind of connection i used to get with my cable.

Is it possible that the cable itself is now dead?

What is the best source of action for me at this point, it looks like both the dongle and the cable are not in good shape. Should i get the direct zen->tv cables, if so , which are good because all i saw is the the eforcity is bad and i can't find reviews about others. Or should i get a new adapter and a new regular cable? Are there any safe retailers (i saw the thread on the accesories page, but most of those links are long dead now...)

I dont want to waste money on bad products.

Thanks A lot for all your help....
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