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Angry ZEN Vision:M Hardware Problem

I have killed Three Working Vision:M 30GB players with a Samsung 120GB crapple hard drive, the drive works fine outside of the ZEN, and I didnt realize that it was a crapple drive untill the second ZEN went into Hardware Problem like the first one, after firmware upgrade failure, and I pealed off a sticker that was covering the crapple logo and lost it, something crapple in my house!!. Tonight I was trying to install what I thought was the ToshibaMK1234GAL 120GB, not paying attention I hooked up the stupid crapple drive (I thought I through that away) and saw the firmware upgrade working and was ready to have my 100GB Vision:M ready to load then firmware upgrade failure and now Hardware Problem.

All three ZEN's worked great before the firmware upgrade failure, and now all three are stuck at Hardware Problem, I know its not a hard drive error, because I put the working 30GB back in and it still wont go past Hardware Problem, I have owned nothing but Creative ZEN's and one of the many I have now is my beloved 7 year old Vision W 30GB that I upgraded to 120GB, I don't know how a hard drive could cause this problem unless it an attempt by crapple to kill their only competition if used in a ZEN.

Anyone know what I can do to get these players out of Hardware Problem, they will not go into recovery mode they only boot to Hardware Problem, I have tried reset, changing working hard drives from other Vision:M's, trying letting the battery die completely, recharging them, nothing just Hardware Problem

Thanks Mac
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Hmm..while Apple is notorious for coding (needlessly) incompatible custom firmwares, their OEM's more recent HDDs haven't been so locked - installed a couple of Apple-logo'd 160GB Toshibas into a pair of Zunes. If the drive is recognized in an enclosure it should work with your player. That said, having had 3 separate players go bad is quite the vexing problem. I recall that when reassembling the Zen, the HDD can sometimes push/roll the other end of the ribbon cable off it's connection to the mainboard, but it wouldn't seem like it'd happen all the time.

Have you tried a 'bench' build? I.e. connecting everything (incl. battery) but not putting the two halves of the case together so you can verify all the connections are good. A clear table and mirror helps.

EDIT: It looks like someone else had/has this issue.

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Yes I have tried everything, the players will charge while they are connected to ac, and you can see the Creative Logo for a split second before the Hardware Failure shows up, I have two working players and have swapped all hard drives with each player (6 total) and every drive works in the two working players, I even wiped one drive to see if the player would go into recovery mode and it still just goes to Hardware Failure, I got all of these on eBay cheap, needing batteries, firmware updates (recovery mode) ect. and had all six working at the time of the firmware update failure with the crapple drive in them. So I am assuming that the crapple drive is the culprit.
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