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Default Received my X-FI 32gb today, minor panic!

Hi guys.

This seems like a nice community for people to discuss and offer advice for their Zen products. I am glad I have stumbled across it!

Anyways - I got my X-FI 32gb model from Amazon today. 149.99, which I thought was a bargain price. I have actually sold my Archos 605 160gb to fund this mp3 player - so it best be worth it!

Ordered a wall plug off eBay few days ago - and it came today same time as X-FI, which was nice timing.

Opened box - first impressions were good. Nice packaging, player slightly smaller than expected but I am pleased with this - it's the reason I got rid of my Archos. Heard great things about the headphones but I am yet to test them. Hopefully they'll be a huge step up from my current Sennheiser headphones I currently have and used with my Archos.

After reading the documentation that came with it I then decided the first thing to do would be to give the player a good 4/5 hour charge. I plugged my wall plug into the socket and attached the provided USB cable into it and into the Zen. Flicked switch on and voila - Zen shown me that it was charging. Lovely. I was curious as to whether, if I turned Zen on whilst it was on its initial charge, it would damage the battery life in the long-term. Did a quick Google search and it seems it wouldn't - so I turned on the Zen whilst it was still on charge. Looked fine, worked great so turned it right back off. Hour later, still on charge, and I noticed that the charging indicator was no longer being displayed on the screen. Hm, seemed quite strange. Surely it wouldn't be ready after a mere hour? Attempted to turn on player, nothing.

Wouldn't go on. Panic sets in. Took USB cable out and attempted to turn it back on. Nope, won't work. Held slider on back for 3/4 seconds to ON position but still wouldn't turn on. Okay major panic now - I've just shelled out 150 for this and now it doesn't work. That's where I found this forum(!). Google searched for problems with charging Zen, and stumbled across somebody on this forum suggesting holding down the play/pause button whilst putting a pen/pin into reset button and moving slider to ON. It worked, it came on. Phew. Still had no idea why it wasn't going on automatically though. Plugged USB back in, but this time into computer as it wasn't picking it up from the wall. Haven't attempted it since from the wall, but it still attached to comp for another 1/2 hours to give it a good charge.

So I am at the stage of coming to the end of my initial charge to set up the battery for a long, happy battery-life. I hope Media Monkey works to sync the device, 'cos that's where all my music is nicely tagged and saved in. I am sure it will work!

I may post a full review later on once I have transferred my music and some video to it.

I also hope this is a one-off problem and it isn't going to happen again. I always feel that my electronics mess up for me!

- DanyCH
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