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Default Cannot move certain files to device

Ok, so I recently replaced the harddrive on my 30GB ZVM, and it's now an 80GB. I reinstalled the firmware and, after much trouble with getting windows to recognize it (I have xp), it finally does, as do WMP 11 and Ruckus. However, the Creative program does not recognize it, and WMP will not transfer files to it. I have been able to copy music by drag-and-drop, as well as most videos, but I cannot do so for my liscenced music (have to transfer with WMP), and the videos that I have converted (using AGK, and I followed all of the instructions exactly, so I am sure they are the right format) will not transfer. I was able to drag-and-drop the WMV files fine, but the .avi will not transfer, even after said conversion.

The error WMP gives me when I am trying to transfer stuff is as follows:
Windows Media Player encountered a problem while synchronizing the file to the device. For additional assistance, click Web Help.
And the web help is useless, it just tells me to reinstall the drivers, which I have done multiple times, to no avail.

The fact that the creative program does not recognize it is not a problem, I just thought it might be relevant. I really just want to transfer my liscenced music, and the videos that I have spent hours converting (rather, having my computer convert :P).
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