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Old 10-21-2008, 09:22 AM
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Default Vision:M 30gb - Battery related to recognition?

This is going to repeat a lot of what I've read (and not read) so I appreciate your patience.

My Vision:M is at least two years old and my main machine is a Toshiba laptop XP auto-updated with SP3. Everything's been working well. I really enjoy this device and if you told me there's no hope for it, I'd go out and buy a new one. That's how much I like it.

Order of weirdness:
Two weeks ago - plugged Zen into laptop and the Creative Media Explorer popped up as usual but said I needed to connect the Zen. Thought it strange, shut everything down and restarted, no problems.
Three days ago - After plugging in, Explorer still pops up but the lack of recognition is now a permanent issue. I started reading all the forums I could find with many theories addressing mine. I haven't seen my own personal theory that Metallica is corrupting their files and killing players.
Here's the meat of the weirdness: Simultaneous to the lack of recognition from Explorer, the unit went into Rebuilding mode. As I huffed and puffed and sweat gathered on my forehead, I turned the whole thing off a third of the way through the rebuilding. That may have been panicky-stupid because after it left that mode it appears I have one third of my over 5000 songs. Even more strange is I think they're still in there because the system area says I'm one gig shy of using all my 30 (exactly where I'd left it before the trouble).

So I read threads here and elsewhere and have tried the Clean-Up and the Reboot (don't want to reformat yet because over 5000 songs would be quite a loss). It's worth noting that I'm on firmware 1.40.02 when I know the current one is around 1.62.02. And believe me, I'd upgrade if the computer would fully recognize the Zen.

I have two other computers at work that have given me the same lack of recognition. One is a Vista laptop. The other is a PC running XP-SP3.

I think my major difference from other posters is that my battery indicator appears normal and the unit is functioning normal despite reporting I have two-thirds less songs. No screen problems, no battery indicator problems, just a lack of recognition.

So the question is if the battery is fooling me and if I'm not updated with the latest firmware do the problems go hand in hand related to this lack of recognition? To get the latest firmware, the laptop has to be able to see the Zen. And it does partially because Media Explorer pops up upon hook-up.

I'll lastly mention that I cleared out and reloaded all my Zen 2005 software, purged all the USB drivers, restarted and had MS do a reinstall of them all.

Did I mention there's a lack of recognition?
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