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Default Fuze pre-purchase questions

I'm considering buying a Fuze for music and podcasts. I have some presale questions though.

1. Concerning album art which I consider a distraction. If there is no album art for a song, what is displayed on the screen? Is there a big gray box like iPod or does the song information text fill the screen?

2. How long does it take to charge after using it for say, 3 hours? I have an iPod shuffle now that charges VERY quickly.

3. About the microSDHC expansion. I plan to use the expansion slot. How does it work though? Is it a 100% seamless integration to the Fuze's internal memory? Or does it show up separately on the computer. When I'm using the player away from the computer, is it seamless?

4. How does the autoresume work on Podcasts? I understand you make something a podcast by either putting in the Podcast folder or changing the ID3 genre to Podcast. Do I have to manually set a bookmark or is it completely automatic? How about when I go to play a bookmarked podcast? Does it automatically play at the bookmark or is there a prompt?

5. Which file formats use the most battery power? I understand the player supports MP3 and OGG. I currently have an iTunes library full of unproteced AAC-LC files. I have all the original CDs and I was wondering if I should re-rip them using MP3 or OGG.

6. How sensitive is the player when left in a pocket without the hold switch on?
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