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Help Audiobooks, resume feature, and Ch.Mode

I am having some problems with audiobook playback. I have audiobooks consisting of 10 to 70 mp3 tracks each, ripped from 2 to 10 CDs for each book. The mp3 files that constitute an audiobook are in the MUSIC directory and have the genre set to "audiobook." They do show up in the audiobook menu on the Fuze.

When I want to resume an audiobook, I have to find the right track and then the resume feature works within that track. That's moderately useless; I really want to resume within the book as a whole.

Is there any way to accomplish this?

The options for audiobook includes something called "Ch.Mode," which can be set On or Off. What does this do? I've been unable to determine any difference between the behavior with this setting on or off.

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I only know a workaround, that should work.
Just merge all the single files of your audiobook to one big file. Under windows you can do this with programs like "mp3join", or "tento.XT";
just use your favourite searchengine!
With only one big file you don't have to search for for that last file you listened to.
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One question please.

Does this resume feature also work if I listen to several audiobooks?
Is the timemarker saved for each audiobook file if each audiobook constists of one big file as suggested?

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