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Unhappy Vision M Not Recognized

Let me state right off the bat that I more than likely caused this problem.

I recently had to replace my motherboard, and plugged in my Vision M to charge it. I heard a little "pop" from the front USB port, and figured I hooked up the connector on the motherboard incorrectly. After switching them around, the player connected, but Vista said the device in the USB port was unrecognized. It will not charge at all from the computer. It WILL charge in my car as I have an adapter.

It will play normally, and I can recharge it in the car, but I cannot get the computer to recognize it.

Here are the things I have already tried:

Different USB ports (unrecognized)
Different computer (unrecognized)
Different USB cable (unrecognized)
Re-setting the player (unrecognized)
Uninstalling and re-installing software (when it gets to the point where it says to plug the player in, Vista says "unrecognized")
Manually trying to install drivers (it thinks the Unknown device drivers are the best drivers)
Swearing profusely (Theraputic)

I have not tried wiping out the player's hard drive, because if I can't get the computer to recognize it, I can't get my music back on it.

If I damaged something by having the USB front panel hooked up wrong when I plugged it in, what did I damage? After all, I can still play it so the player is fine; I can still charge it, so the connecter on the player is fine; I changed cables, so if the original was damaged, the next should have worked.

It is also out of warranty, so that is out of the question.

I really don't want to buy another, so if anyone can save my sanity, it would be appreciated.

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