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Help Track order problem in an audiobook

I have added about 15 audiobooks to my 8GB Fuze and tracks of all but one are ordered correctly when played.

In one book the track order is jumbled--the tracks are not sorted in track number order when played or seen in the track list. The track number is three digits of the form "cnn" where "c" is the original CD number (1 to 7) and "nn" is the track number on the disk. Track numbers run from 101 through 701 using this numbering convention, with lots of gaps in the numbering. For example, tracks are numbered 101-108, 201-212, 301-304, 401-... etc. Artist, Album, Genre (audiobook) are all consistent throughout all tracks. Sorting by title would result in the same sequence as sort by track number. A filename sort would be slightly different, but still would not be the jumble that I am getting. The folder containing the files has been placed in the Audiobooks directory.

For example, when you open the audiobook, you see tracks 302, 304, 402, 403, ... instead of starting 101, 102, etc.

I've seen sorting problems before if the genre is not consistent or the track numbers are not ascending, but that is not what is happening here.

The files have been moved to the Fuze in MSC mode using Media Monkey. I have examined the files on the Fuze and confirmed that the track numbers there are the same as on my hard drive.

Are there any restrictions on the number of tracks, maximum track number, or anything like that?

I would appreciate any suggestions!
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