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Default forgive me creative... for I have sinned

So my zen vision m died... hard drive, clicking, no read... the works.

I tried looking into a replacement drive... but it was work beyond me, not to mention, everytime I look on the forums there is not a concrete answer... something works for some people, some others something else works... not to mention trying to find the right drive connector.

So what were my options?... a zen xfi, awesome player... but $250 for a 32

Zune 120gb? I bought one...and returned it 10 days, where do i begin...
-software: everything pretty much revolves around syncing forlders and doing everything everything for you, which DOES NOT mean doing what 'you' want it to dou, you cant just drag and drop to the player, you must drag to a "collection" which then goes to the player...which i HATE, if you have used the Zen VM you understand that the zen v explorer its awesome how its drag and drop and gives you total manual control, you can do exactly what you need without any hoops... unlike the zune.
-screen: videos look like $#!t , the screen sucks!!
-control: the touch button thingy its @$$inine i have gone to the dark side and bought an ipod 120gb, the screen is awesome, you can even read subtitles just fine which for a screen that size says something, and the software, itunes not the best, but there is plenty of 3rd party.

but this post is NOT about how much better the iPod is... because is not.. DARN YOU CREATIVE!!! if you make a 120gb hard drive player, i would be the first in line to buy it!!! why, why, why?
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