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Old 11-12-2008, 03:55 PM
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Default considering replacing rockboxed e280 with fuze, need advice.

So, the screen on my beloved e280 smashed the other day and i need a replacement.

my major concern is that i will miss the amazing features rockbox has while i wait the potential months or longer for it to be ported to the fuze (no rush, whoever's doing it ) , so my first question really is, has anyone out there made the same transition away from rockbox and how are you finding the lack of solitaire, pokemon blue (), dynamic playlists, custom themes, copy and pasting to the memory card, etc...?

any opinions on how the sound quality stands up to rockbox's, i understand it's supposed to be considerably better than e280's?

i don't like to ask really, but is there any word on if rockbox is being ported to the fuze/how far anyone's got? i didn't want to post it on 'cause it won't help and there's very little i can do to help .

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