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Default PC software issues + memory card

I have a 4GB Zen that I have been using a lot lately but my Windows Vista powered notebook is broken. The notebook was 3 years old and experienced a power issue. I have a backup tablet PC that has now become my primary computer.

I tried to download Creative's software onto my tablet but it says that my version of Windows (Windows XP tablet edition) won't work with their software. Does someone have a link to Creative's software that will work with Windows XP. The tablet edition OS can run ANY program that normal Windows XP can but it has about 200MB of additional programs/features. It is bascially Windows XP pro with pen input compatibility. So Creative's normaly sycning software should work.

I don't want to use Windows Media Player or RealOne (or whatever it is called) to sync songs to my Creative Zen, I want to use Creative's normal software. I don't have the install disc either or else I would have tried that.

Additionally, I am thinking about purchasing a SDHC memory card for my Zen. I didn't see the one I want on their compatiblity list so I thought I would ask it here. I want to purchase this memory card but don't know if it will work.
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Keep in mind you do not need the Creative software to use the Zen.... but if you still want the software (from the Zen FAQ)

How can I get my installation files from the Creative CD?

You can download them from here:

ZEN CD Part1
ZEN CD Part2
ZEN CD Part3
ZEN CD Part4
ZEN CD Part5
You can also download any of the updates for all the Windows versions from Creative's website here.

Yes, that SD card will work. You should check out this thread where it is mentioned to work just fine.
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