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Default Sony E-438 review

First let me say thank you to all who participate here. I am not a great with a keyboard (tablet user here) so I have been avoiding writing this, but with many recent questions regarding the new Sonys I will clue ya'll in.
I currently own the 2 gig Clip and the Sony A-728.
I wanted a new player for all my Christmas music so I went for the Fuze. Everything with the Fuze was great except that I could not get more then 10 hours out of the battery.
So I exchanged it for the E-series. As Murphy would have it, the display at Best Buy was broken but after scowering the web I found the interface to be almost the same and knowing from other Sony products assumed the software/firmware would be the same.
Wrong, wrong, wrong.
The E series is a POS. Sony should be ashamed of this product.
The volume is about 60% as loud as the A series. I listen to my A-728 at about level 14-16, but I had to crank the E series to 21-24. Not really a big deal unless you are connecting it to an external portable radio or other low amp listening device.
Second it's missing the alphabetical search ability for artist, album or song-big disappointment.
Also missing are most of the music settings such as some EQ, VPT, DSEE, and Dynamic normalizer. I can't quite remember if it had Clear Stereo.
On my A series, from the now playing screen I always have the option of searching/jumping to anything from artist name, album title, genre, or year. Well this is totally disabled on the E series. Sorry, I know that I might not be explainging it quite right, but if you have any experience with other Sonys you probably know what I mean.
The proverbial straw was the damn "creating library". See, the E series automatically powers off after 4 hours and re-creates its library each and every time regardless. Doesn't matter if you just stopped it for 4 hours, it still creates the library. So if you usually leave your unit on shuffle as I do then you will get a new and different shuffle playlist each time you start it after 4 hours. Completly unacceptable-I can leave my A series off for a week and it will resume my shuffle playlist right where I paused it.
Needless to say that I returned this abomination the next day.
Sony had an incredible player linup prior to this. If anyone wonders why Ipod is still king, it's because major players like Sony keep shooting themselves in the foot.
Mabey I'll try another Fuze. I suppose it's possible that mine came with a bad battery but my experience with the Clip tells me otherwise. I've never goten more then 7 hours with the Clip.
The bottem line is this: DO NOT BUY THE E SERIES. Send a message to Sony to stop being lazy and putting this garbage out. Update the A series to 16-32 gigs and keep the firmware/software/interface the same across the board.
Just my 2 cents, but worth at least a nickle.

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