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Default Fuze Prices drop again!

4 gig in All colors under $50 bucks!!!!

I wish i had held out before getting the pink one for my girl at $79 from 3 weeks ago!

Oh well!

She still loves it!

AHH the feeling of another satisfied Sansa USER!!!!
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Yeah I just got one from I'm giving Sandisk one more chance on this one. (Sandisk Before has failed me).
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I got the 8GB Fuze at Best Buy for a sweet $70, but the 8GB microSD cards I saw there were over $60, so I'm ordering the $20 card off of I moved from the awesome rockboxed sansa e260, and since the Fuze now has many of the great features of rockbox, I'll probably love the Fuze. Rockbox is being developed for the Fuze/e200v2, so that should be great too, and is another reason why I bought it.

So far, I like the Fuze wheel better than the e200's, but having the headphone jack on the bottom is annoying, especially when you have to take off the headphones when you disconnect the USB cable. I'll have to get used to pressing the pause button through my jeans when the button is above the screen. I don't know why it doesn't have a sleep timer. Doesn't seem like a feature that would be hard to program in. I hope they fix that in the future, otherwise I'll have to wait for rockbox for that. Also, video quality seems to be much better, especially since it's not MJPEG. Home Movies on the go is great.

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Costco is selling the 8 GB Fuze for $60 today and this weekend. I just picked one up this morning. What a great price. I was at my Costco this morning at 9:30 and they were disappearing fast.
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I got a Fuse today and compared it to a Sony NWZ-A828 and Samsung YP-P2 (before I took them back). The Sony was $270 and the P2 was $135 w/$15 discount at Circuitcity. Using my old Sony ear buds and also the ones from the A828 I actually liked the Fuse sound better than the Sony. The YP-P2 doesn't have much volume and I don't like the build quality. The YP-P2 has too many problems, bluetooth, firmware, software... wasted way too much time with it. It's suppose to be used to listen to music, not a hobby to make it work!
The Sony's Pro software did convert dvr-ms files... I liked that, but the quality was really bad. No way to control settings for conversion. The Sandisk software converted the dvr-ms files, but the sound was not sync'd to the video. I used VideoRedo to eliminate the commercials and save the dvr-ms files at mpg4 and then used the Sandisk software to put on the Fuse and it was perfect. I would rate the display of the Fuse better than the A828 using this method.
At $60, with this SQ and display I think it a great little player with a very good quality build. I don't feel I need to pay extra for insurance.
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