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Default How to use album art on A829?

I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to use album art on the NWZ-A829. Also can I creat a different folder for each album I upload or do all my mp3s have to be in the same folder?
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yeah I would also like to know how to get album art working. Just copying it via explorer doesn't work. I have resized all the covers to 200x200 pixels but they are still not working. Is there any special file naming format you have to use? I don't like to use WMP either way because the good thing was you wouldn't have to use software. I couldn't even get it to work via WMP either anyway. Plz help
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use mp3tag to directly embed the album art in each file. i've used images upto 600x600 in size on my 728 with no problems at all. you can get mp3tag here....

make sure you don't use windows media player afterwards with it set to to retrieve info online - because the ******* POS will overwrite any of your own custom album art with it's low quality crap.

as for file arrangement on the player, it's really upto you. you can browse via folder structure or just rely on the id3 tags. you can place them on there however you like.
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Thanks alot
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I use WMP it works perfectly fine
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I use MediaMonkey (MM) to manage my music. When using MM I've found that album art works perfectly as long as: (1) I embed the album art directly in the file, and (2) it is sized no larger than 240 x 240 pixels. MP3Tag allows you to embed the album art into the file.

As far as arranging the music, MM allows you to automatically organize your music anyway that you like. I arrange my music by album artist and then by album. You can also have it automatically name the files anyway you want. For example, you can have it name the file with the artist, album, and then song title.
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