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Default disappointed with Cowon O2 video DiVX playback

Cowon O2 loses audio sync on most of my video files
<hr style="color: rgb(134, 155, 191); background-color: rgb(134, 155, 191);" size="1"> <!-- / icon and title --> <!-- message --> Just received the Cowon O2 on 02 DEC 2008.

I am quite disappointed since it was purported to play almost any video file thrown at it.

Before the haters come at me, be advised I installed the latest Firmware v1.11. Also, I have been using computers since the Commodore 64 days, went the the fun of learning to edit and create *.sys and *.bat files for DOS, I program with MS Access, am fluent with Adobe CS3, and have been authoring video content with Sony Vegas and Ahead Nero for years.

I use DVDNextCopy2 to rip DVDs to my hard drive (since I live in the USA my understanding is that the Milennium Act allows me to have one backup copy of digital media I purchase). Then I use a registered copy of DiVX to convert the *.vob files to DivX. Sometimes the DiVX files lose audio sync so I use Nero Ultra 8 to convert the *.vob files to MPG2, then use DiVX to convert them DivX.

Regardless of how I end up with DiVX files, they are always played back in full audio sync with the DiVX player on my PC.

However, most of these files loose audio sync when played on the Cowon O2. I have submitted a trouble ticket to Cowon and am awaiting their reply, will post results here.

For nearly $300.00 (US) which is nearly half the price of a somewhat decent laptop computer these days, I would expect the Cowon O2 to play DiVX files flawlessly since that is all it media files, it does not have to contend with the limitations of an MS OS, or load all the drivers of a PC.

Anyone have any thoughts or similar experience?

Craig Knapp
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