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Unhappy Is it really worth it?

I've been visiting this website for quite a long time, but never decided to register.
I finally registered.

Anyways, I was wondering, whether to get a P3 or not, yes, I know there are a lot of threads with the similar question, but, I ask.
Should I get a P3 or a P2? I'm not too sure if I should wait for it or not.
Currently, I have a Samsung YP-T9, and it's been with me for quite a while. Very. Well built.
But I need a new Mp3 now, it's not because it's broken, but simply because it doesn't have the memory capacity I need.
So that brings me back to whether or not I should get a P2 or wait for a P3.
Many people have said that the P3 has nothing special, and other people should just stick with the P2, but I don't know whether they are implying it to the people that already own the P2 or not.

I WOULD get the P2, but I don't know whether the P3 is going to have a sudden upgrade of stuff. So that is what holds me back from buying a P2. Also many other variables.

So, I ask you,
Is it worth the wait for a P3? Or should I buy a P2? Is the haptic control a good enough reason to buy the P3? Explain.

Money is not a problem.

Thanks in advance,


I look for things such as :

* Nice UI
* Many applications
* Good sound quality
* Assessories
- Things it comes with
- Buyable assessories
* Reasonable Playback time
- 30+ hours of audio
- Reasonable Recharge time
* Nice overall look / design
- Slim, many colours.
* Study
- Not too fraglie
- Survives drops
* Reasonable price
- $150 ~ $250, CAD

I made this thread because I couldn't really find enough information on what the P3 is like, all I could find were pictures, and a video in this sub-forum. So, if you have any information about the P3 other than Haptic, feel free to post it.

Yes, my english sucks.

.....'perfect condition'....

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