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Default Viewing Song list question

Hello all,

I recently bought the Sansa View and everything is fine except for one little problem that is getting on my last nerve!

When looking for a specific song, I'd like to be able to simply do the following:
Music --> Artist--> Songs (all the songs by a particular Artist) and then I can select the song.

Currently, I have to go to Music--> Artist-->Album--> Song (this means I have to know which Album a particular song is stored in, hassle!)
Does anyone know how I can just see all the songs by an Artist and bypass the Album stage?

Thanks in advance!
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As far as I know, no. I have not found a way too.
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Go music, then artist, then there should be "play all" at the top before it lists all the albums. Click that then it should start playing a song, then click the bottom of the scroll wheel to get the song menu or whatever it is, then click "back to music list" and it will display all songs by that artist.

It sounds confusing and convoluted but it really isnt.
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might be firmware related, 1.03.02 has artist listed right above albums under music on the player.
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