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Default Can't get music onto ZEN

I was trying to search this out but can't find the answer. I have frimware 1.62.02
I've loaded, uninstalled and re-installed the creative software.
I've also loaded the software onto my work computer to try it there. No luck.
I tried the import wizard, unknown error.
I've opened the device in explorer, using the icon with my name on it, browsed to the music folder and attempted to drag a song onto it. It tells me I don't have the rights to do such an action. I can copy songs off of it to my computer using the same method.

Synch manager is running and showing the device. I used to sych it with Media Monkey. But, last time I tried it didn't work so used Creatives software to put all the music back on and rebuilt my lists after formatting it. These are simple mp3 pieces, and tried wav as well as ripping a cd to it.
It's running the music that's on it just fine and I can delete tracks from the player using the players menus.

I have Media player 11 loaded on both machines but don't want to use that to sych. I hate to lose what's loaded since at least it's usable right now and I can listen to what's on it, just not add new.

Any thoughts? I hate to not be able to load new music to it. It appears, at least according to it or the computers, that I don't have rights. I've never set any of the devices locks for music or video.

Hate my first post to be a whine, but here I am.
I've read this site for years and it was instrumental in my decision to buy the Zen.

Thank you,
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