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Default video in linux

I have searched the forums and gotten not much answers. Lots of questions - how do you in linux get video that will work on the fuze?
I tried installing SMC through wine - doesn't work...
I am now trying to install a VBox with XP and see if I can get it to work...
The snag is that I can't get the Vbox to recognize the fuze.. with SMC run without the FUZE plugged in - like can I convert the files and then copy them to the fuze myself?
Also what about pictures do these also need to be converted to work on the fuze?
Thanks in advance all
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I have been wondering this, but since I do not have a Fuze or e200v2, I can not test things out tho.
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Someone mentioned a little while back, that an older version of SMC would convert videos without the Fuze beeing plugged in. I can't remember which specific version and don't know where/if you can download an outdated version of SMC, but this might be a solution.
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Originally Posted by nech770 View Post
The snag is that I can't get the Vbox to recognize the fuze..
If Vbox == Virtualbox, then you need to download the free version of Virtualbox from Sun as the open source one in the (Ubuntu) repositories does not support USB. I can't guarantee it will work (as I have not tried it) but I can guarantee that the open source version will not work until it includes USB support.


(Yeah, I know... a blast from the past. But perhaps someone may still be interested in this.)
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just head over go the sandisk sansa forums, theres a thread about a little app somebody made that can convert videos that work on fuze without you needing to use SMC
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