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Default Startup Time with lots of media loaded?

I'm giving some thought to a 16GB Zen, primarily for in car use. Sixteen gigs would contain every song I've ever bought from iTunes (and laboriously converted to mp3) and Amazon as well as my admittedly not very large CD collection.

I considered a Sansa 8GB model for a time but decided against it when I read that the startup time of the Sansa was directly related to the amount of media it contained. So now I'm wondering if this is just something that will afflict all flash players with lots of storage. I know devices that use media from SD cards have to catalog all of the media on a card when they start up, and that can take some time, but I'm wondering if some flash players keep an up to date directory of their internally stored contents to allow for faster startup.

Has anyone done any research or used a Zen that was filled to capacity that could relate how their startup time is affected by having thousands of files onboard the player?

Any info is appreciated.
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