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Default View dies without warning, needs reboot

This started after I updated to the new firmware, and I noticed it first when I had the View in an MP3 player in a dry pocket in my ski jacket while I shoveled snow.

Out of nowhere the thing just shuts off. The first time it happened I figured the battery was low due to the low temps. It would not respond to holding the power switch in the up position so I charged it up and restarted it with no problems. Well, it happened again at the gym. This time it was strapped to my arm and at warm ambient temps. I was able to reboot it by holding the on switch up for 15 or so seconds. It happened again the other day at the gym and I just rebooted it again and moved on.

I don't know why I bought this thing. It's been a matter of dodging issues on what is otherwise a promising device. This time the problems have caught up with me. ALL my buddies have iPods and love them and laugh at me for being an outlier. I bought this because (until they started forcing the U3 software) I have used Sandisk memory sticks without issue and appreciate their sponsorship of the Ducati MotoGP race team. I am getting sick of this thing and am already looking at an Apple replacement...that is unless someone can share their wisdom and help rectify the issue.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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