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Help A729 Battery life

I have owned my a729 for over a month now, and while I love the audio quality, video quality, and speed of the interface, I have to say I am somewhat disappointed with the supposedly amazing battery life. Now while I understand that the settings I am using are not the basic standings, it seems that i got better battery life off my old ipod nano (2nd generation) than what I am currently getting. On 5 brightness, dynamic normalizer, and using my koss porta pros it seems that my battery life empties really quickly. Maybe I am expecting too much, and maybe my headphones require too much power, but overall I feel like I get maybe 25 hours audio (320 kbps mostly) if im lucky and maybe 6 hours video (768 kbps, 192 kbps audio) if I am lucky. To be honest it definitely does seem like using the standard headphones that the player came with does definitely up the battery life significantly. Do most people run the player on 3 brightness, with lower audio fidelity tracks, and less demanding headphones, or is my player faulty?
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I run on full brightness, with 192kbps music mostly, and some CX300s.

I can't say I've measured the battery life, but it certainly isn't bad. Remember that having the screen on (i.e. changing tracks etc.) will lower the life significantly.

Aside from that... 25 hours is quite good! Surely plenty of time for you to give it a charge? :P
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heck yes 25 is plenty of time to listen to your music. but the 5 brightness does kill it a bit, and try turning on the screensaver and set it to blank, i find it useful, my battery is as effective atm either, but thats cuzz since i got it, i havent let it die completely and charged it completely, too lazy to do that
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WindSpear: letting Lithium Ion batteries drain completely is not beneficial. That procedure is for the older Nickel Cadmium batteries. Charge when you can and full drain only when you can't charge is the best policy for LiIon. Never store them discharged either, if you aren't going to be using the player for a while, an 80 percent charge will make the storage easier on the battery.
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