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Default How do you uncap the volume limit on the sansa?

i have searched for this one but found nothing. This used to be the 2nd most popular mp3 player next to the iPod, and i still couldnt find anyone ask this question.

simply, is there any way to uncap the volume limit on my sansa. I need this because installed an external speaker to the sansa. beforehand, I hooked it up to a headphone jack, and put it in my two iPods that can crank out sound, and on full volume, the speaker sounded great with no distortion. when i soldered the wires to my sansa, the speaker worked, but the volume limit kept it from being anything but loud. So i installed rockbox which bumped up the sound a little more, but when i tried to adjust the eq settings, everything went distorted, even though it was not nearly as loud as it was when i had it on my iPod.

i have used mp3gain to boost the volume on my music files, and it works great, but even mp3gain has a cap, and you can only boost the tracks to 105db. what i need is like 150db mp3 files, but i havent found any program besides mp3gain that boosts multiple files to a higher volume limit.

so do you guys know of any programs that can boost my mp3 files, or even better, uncap my sansa's volume limit.
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