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Default O2 DMB recording

Just got a 32Gb O2 in Korea. Now I understand the disconnects between the US reviews that I've read (including ABI) and what Cowon had in mind. If any of the forum members has ever visited Korea, you know that a vast number of young people commuting on the subway are glued to TV, delivered by DMB. Cowon delivers as nearly flawless a TV viewer as I have experienced to date. Basically, all you have to do for a DMB-enabled model is to scan the airwaves in a single touch and the O2 sets up a menu of all of the available video and audio channels. My model also supports satellite-delivered video (subscription) as well as terrestrial based stations (free). This is much like any digital TV tuner in the US. Once all stations are scanned, a click gives you more than decent TV feed. The built in antenna avoids the inevitable near death antenna brushes in heavy rush hour traffic. If you like what you're seeing, a single click records the stream to memory. Anything recorded can be played back via the file browser. Sitting around the hotel, I recorded a load of K-Pop music videos. Playback is as good as most XVID, with crisp stereo sound. Yuo can quickly assemble a giant library of videos, or time shift you favorite programs for subsequent viewing. In my opinion, this is really the biggest design draw for Cowon's main market, which is style conscious young people. I looked at scads of DMB-enabled media players in the stores, including high-def models. IMHO, the O2 has the best user experience vs. price of the lot. The only drawback that I have found is the general lack of file format support for the .mtv format that vids are saved in. This inhibits moving recorded vids to the PC. If anyone has a lead on decent ,mtv to .avi conversion software, let me know, and I'll give it a try. O/W, one can simply move recordings to SDHC flash and build a library that way. This has become my new travel toy for Korean trips! (not to mention the built in Korean/English dictionary).
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