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Default Duplicate songs on SD Card

My friend gave me his mp3 player to fix a problem on his SD Card. All of the songs from it show up multiple times on the view, even though theres only one file for them. There is an extra one added each time the database is refreshed. Any help?
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I ran into this problem as well. My workaround is to make a single parent directory for all the mp3s on the microSD card (you can have multiple subdirectories under this main parent directory). Everytime you add or delete stuff on the microSD card, rename the parent directory to something else (doesn't matter what name you give it). See if that helps.
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Default Well I have found some other solution

I had this duplicate problem.

I never use MSC mode since linux is having problems with it and also i dont like it due to the fact that if you try to copy alot of files into your player it will crash.

anyway i had the duplication problem with sansa view 8GB with 8GB SD

After almost loosing my mind i simply connected the sansa view to my computer ofcourse not at MSC mode but to make it behave just like a normal mass storage device. then i asked windows to try to find and fix problems on my Sansa .

It worked like a charm (it also took some time), and DB update also took some time.
but for now it is fixed , not sure when will it return but for now it works
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I'm having the same problem: three "copies" of each song are present!

I use linux too, and I connect the View as an MSC device (linux has problems with MTP devices, not MSC... the user above got a bit confused).

Anyone knows if this is a bug of the latest firmware? I used to have v1.02.09 but I never tested it with the microSD card because the slot was defective.
I've just received the replacement from SanDisk, and it has the 1.03.02 firmware...
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Linux How-To: Easy Video Conversions for the Sansa View
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Yes, the problem does affect firmware 1.03.02. Try my parent directory renaming trick. It works around the issue on my player.
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duplicate songs

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