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Default Using the Fuze in the dark

Hi there,
I'm looking for a new player and had my eyes on the Fuze 8gb. I can only use my left hand, and, being a professional insomniac, I use my player a lot in the dark without looking. My current iRiver (old 1 gb) is perfect for that purpose. I don't do movies, pictures, buy tunes, download, calendar, etc. Just need it for music playback and radio.

My questions are:
- is it possible / easy to operate the Fuze with one hand?
- Is it possible to operate it in the dark without looking? (playback, move from folder to folder and switch to radio & back?)

I know these are not your average questions, but these are my requirements of a player. Any thoughts or advice will be much appreciated.
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Why cant you just look at the screen? it has a backlight
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Originally Posted by NoamS View Post
My questions are:
- is it possible / easy to operate the Fuze with one hand?
- Is it possible to operate it in the dark without looking? (playback, move from folder to folder and switch to radio & back?)
First, I have not tried operating my Fuze in the dark, so these are best guesses only.
  • one hand - yes
  • playback - continuing where you left off - not a problem
  • folder to folder - Fuze won't do this under any conditions
  • artist to artist, album to album, playlist to playlist - if you practice a LOT you MIGHT be able to do it without loooking - realistically speaking - not without looking
  • switch to radio & back - if you practice a LOT you MIGHT be able to do it without loooking - realistically speaking - not without looking
As Cptnodegard has already said. There is a screen, use it. This player is designed around a screen, and will be difficult to operate without using it. Skipping to the next song in a list or playing the last one again. You can do that without looking. Change the volume, sure. Anything else, not really.

If you want a player that you don't have to look at, I would suggest getting something without a screen.


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I am a professional insomniac as well and I have never used my fuze in the dark before. However, I do ocasionally use it without looking and it has been very good for that use as long as I do not change things around much. I would imagine that I would not have any problem using it in the dark if I so desired. You have a calendar on the fuze? How have you managed to acomplish this feat? I did not think that one could get a calendar on it.
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Your first question is easy: the fuze works very well under one handed operation.

The second question about operation in the dark is more difficult to answer. I think it depends on what you want to do, but regardless, I have known easier players, though the fuze is a great player and you may want to put up with some difficulty with this. Certainly skipping tracks, changing the volume, etc, is easy enough. The problem is that there are many menus and many ways to navigate around (e.g. by artist, by song, the settings menu, etc) so if you get lost you'll have very little feedback of where you are. The thing that might make this tolerable though is that the control wheel is very tactile both for clicking and scrolling so with practice and if you were careful you might be able to move around deterministically without looking at the screen. For example, to switch from a music track to the radio: the home button once, and scroll three position ccw, and press the center button. Not so bad really.

Again the problem is getting lost. The top menu cycles (I really wish it didn't), but because of this, once you make a mistake and are lost, there's not a good way to figure out where you are without looking because you can't figure out which submenu you're on or in. There is one way though, but it's probably too arduous. Repeat the sequence: press home, scroll one click, press center button, until you hear something and this will be the FM, and now you know where you are. Home and three scrolls back and you're back in music. Too difficult really as there are 12 submenus. (It wouldn't be a problem if the top menu didn't wrap -- do you hear me sandisk?)

I'll guess you don't want to look at the player because of the brightness, and there's plenty of science to indicate that this is an issue -- one shot of bright light and it confuses the circadian rhythm. What I do it put a piece of dark red plastic over the screen, and this work pretty well for me for the times I need to look at the player.

Maybe we should have a thread about soundtracks for insomniacs. I like Great Ideas of Philosophy in the Great Courses series, and also, the In Our Time podcasts from the BBC (which I hear that many others use for the same purpose). Both are interesting enough when I'm awake, but simultaneously pleasantly soporific.
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Another insomniac here with sleep apnia as an added bonus. I actually attached the earbuds to the headgear of my CPAP mask and use it in the dark every night. As the others have said one handed operation is no problem and volume and skipping tracks/fast forwarding is no problem by feel. If you update the firmwear you will have a nifty sleep timer!
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