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Default Real World Battery Life on NWZ-S639F...

I recently bought an NWZ-639F, but the battery didn't seem to last very long. I decided to test how many hours a could get on a charge. I completely ran the battery down, then recharged for an hour past 'FULL' charge.

I then set it playing, but didn't use any buttons except for occasionally pressing BACK to check if the battery was flat. I had turned the screensaver off previously.

I know the the 40hrs claimed by Sony is a best case scenario and will be difficuly to match in the same way as it's next to impossible to match the claimed MPG in a car, but I thought that the 30hrs I got was a little low. I'm also aware from skimming throught the manual that file types, bit rates, and player settings can make a difference. Anyone know how much difference and how much using the screen to select songs will make...and how quickly the battery drains when the player is not in use?

Anyone done a similar experiment before and can tell me how many hours they got?

Thanks in advance for any replies.
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