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Default Spinn concern: Usb port cover plastic, bending

yeah... the plastic covering for the usb port is bending, just from me charging it and such. i wonder if i can replace it.

EDIT: By looking at it closer, i can see that there are 2 types of plastic, 1 is the hard shell plastic(outside plastic). the 2nd is a softer plastic that is molded to fit into the usb port.

the hard shell plastic is o the one that is bending. the softer plastic is the one that is keeping it all together.
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I[ve had mine open and closed several times and don't notice any problems with it. You have to make sure it's rotated out of the way of the USB cable and not bent while the cable is inserted. Plastic, by definition, will bend under load and is not good at returning to its original shape. You just have to take care that the original shape is not altered.
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