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Default nwza726 and transfer digital copy

I am trying to transfer my digital copy (not the dvd) but what's called the digital copy (just trying to be clear) which came with my dvd movie (wall-e). I can not figure it out. I was using sony (not worthit ) media pro to put it on my mp3. The digital copy is a windows media audio/video file. So talked to sony rep, (very helpful) but it appears either mp3, can't play a wma/v file or the software can't figure it out.

So has anyone transfer a digital copy from a dvd onto their mp3. Is there a legal/or illegal way to do it.
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The digital copy is a protected WMV file, and it is only licensed for one copy (which sux). I"m not sure any of the Sony players can play protected WMV files. I know for a fact the NWZ-A series will not.
You need to get some ripping software and rip it yourself. I don't think forum rules allow me to go into detail about how to do that, but Google is your friend. Check the laws in your locality for the legality of making a digital copy of the disk.
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Thanks for the reply. And why would the other great satan (disney) sell a digital copy that is protected. I understand the dvd movie part, oo well I guess this is why there is a pirate factor. It's too bad for me since I wasted 13 bucks on other satan (sony), well their all satans for that matter(furstrating isn't it).

How would I know in the future in checking out mp3 players, if I buy another dvd with a digital copy that it would play on certain portable device's. I guess this would not play legally on any ipod device would it? I thought I looked on the disney site and it said the nwza would play this digital copy, and sony said it plays wma files but i guess not wma/v files.

I hope I made sense here.
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