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Default Other programs that work with Cowon O2

Hello, this is actually my first time on this forum, but I would like some help please

I was interested in purchasing the Cowon O2 considering my budget and other stuff... but I was wondering if there is any other program that can sync with the Cowon O2 instead of JetAudio. Idk what it is, but JetAudio made me sick in the stomach. I DETEST JetAudio for some odd reason... I just don't plain like it...

Can something such as... Windows Media Player do the player justice?

I would really appreciate this information before I purchase this product.

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Yeah, it will sync with anything. You can use MM, WMP, Wiamp, whatever.
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I use itunes and I just drag and drop.

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I never synch anything. I use Windows Explorer to organize the contents of my O2 just like I do my hard drive.

I don't much care for Jet Audio either. Actually I don't care for any of the programs of this type. Among them I think Jet Audio is probably more straightforward than the others that I've used but it's still a pain.

On the other hand, the video converter that comes with Jet Audio, and which can be run separately, is a very fast and first rate video converter if all you want to do is change size and bandwidth. Using it lets me get more files on the player. It does a good job not just for the O2 but it's output files for the D2 can be used with other players such as the Zens and the Iriver E100 and, of course, the D2.

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