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Default Battery life is terrible

I'm only getting about six hours of music on my View. With no bookmarking feature for audiobooks in Mp3 format and a dog-slow fast forward, I have to say overall this unit really sucks.

I'm going to have to look at buying a different brand next time around.
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It uses a variable load meter to tell how much power is left, I find those annoying, apply enough of a load it can shut off.
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Yeah, too save power I usually tune the brightness level down. I get 29HRs so far since my last tests.
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If you turn off the view by sliding the power switch ~3 seconds, the view goes into suspended mode and uses a lot more battery than when it is truly off. To turn it off fully , you have to hold the power switch for 10 seconds. I have gotten better battery life after beginning to do this. the only downsides are the startup times and the database must refresh on the restart.
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