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Default MediaMonkey & Fuze where are my Podcasts?


I sync every morning the newest podcasts I subscribed to and downloaded with MediaMonkey with my Fuze - MTP MODE - in an automatic process.

Works. After a lot of time thinking and testing. (Podcasts are tagged as podcasts anyway and all my music is tagged by genre etc...)

But, well when I open the 'knot' for my Fuze in MediaMonkey I see all the different folders of the Fuze but only in one folder are my songs. Namely, the music folder. These come from a playlist I sync with my Fuze too. I got a folder where all my new music goes too and this is watched by MediaMonkey for changes and each time I connect my Fuze to my PC this folder - and therefore the term playlist might be appropriate - are synced.

That is ok too, but I can only see these mp3 songs on my fuze and I can not find any traces of the podcasts on my Fuze ?!?! They must be there, anywhere, but I can't find them. The folder 'podcasts' is empty and in the only folder with content is the 'music' one. However, in that one are no signs of my synced podcasts.

That is a pain in my a. I want to see them in MediaMonkey so I can organize them and do some file handling like deleting certain podcasts or archiving etc.

How come? Who knows a solution?

Thank you very much!!!

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