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Page Samsung P3 Release Date in U.S

Will update when new info pops up.

If you clicked this for info on the unresponsive screen then scroll down to the bottom.

All right as you may or may not know the P3 is now available in the UK, also France and Italy. And us in America is like "WHAT THE ****!" Not being bias here but usually things come out in America then in the UK ex. The Nintendo DS, PSP, PS3, the P2, e.t.c. Plus the P3 was posted in the pres release and mp3 news on the official Samsung site for the US but on the UK site there is NOTHING! (which was why I was surprised when I found out in the beginning of the month.) But then I noticed, about 3 weeks ago, that on the UK site under FAQ and manuals I found the P3. I tried to do the same for the US Samsung site but no luck. So when you find it there then you know it will come out soon. But anyway I have a date. According to CNET MP3 Insider the P3 Will come out in Mid-April and according to their Podcast which you can listen to by clicking the play button cnet_mp3insider_022409.mp3. In fact they said that they have a P3 but are not allowed to review it until mid-April when it comes out. I believe that shes right because if you notice their is a pattern.

December:P3 becomes available in Korea
January:P3 available to the rest of Asia
Feubary:P3 available to Uk, Frace, and Italy
March: P3 available to the rest of Europe
April:P3 available to US
May: P3 available to the rest of North America

I know that at Journal Du Geek it apparently says that it will come out in March but I am sure that its a miss-translation (due to Google translate). Remember Google translate isn't an exact translation and is only a rough translation of the meaning of the document. It seems to say that a firmware update will come i the March but it already came out when they posted it so its weird. maybe lebellium can help us out.

Also their is so good signs that the P3 will come out soon. At Best Buy all P2's are now ether sold out, available online only, or is backordered (well nice if you want a P3 but bad if you want a P3). But representatives of Best Buy and B&H(In NYC where I live) seem to be clueless about the release. I wrote on a forum and had a live chat with Best Buy and B&H and they don't know anything.

So I guess from here we just wait. Its only about 6 weeks, nothing to me because I've been wanting the P2 since May and was going to get in in November but then I saw the leaked photos of the P3 on GMP3 and decided to wait it out. So that means I would have waited 11 months. ALMOST A YEAR!

Now People worried about Unresponsive screen

I'm just gonna keep this short. A new firmware was realized and now the P3 is faster and got a new program "Sketch Book. I think that it is amazing that they can update and add whole apps on the P3. Plus their were some rumor (more like and unconfirmed statement) at CES that they will release a FULL SDK and you will be able to make your own widgets and apps. But remember its not confirmed. Now the P3 is MUCH faster and more responsive (30% to be exact). So don't worry about a crappy screen
Here's the Comparison

All High Quality

Old Firmware

New Firmware

(Warning Gay Song Literally) The presentation is pretty gay too but nicly shows the improved UI

I've known most of this info WAY before it was posted here on the site. Sorry I haven't shared it sooner. But I promise from now on I will share any new info.


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