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Default E438F .wav question

Just joined this forum looking for some help with an E438F. I'm seeing the less than sterling reviews and am now actually debating returning it (as much as I detest the place, I'm glad I got it at Best Buy instead of at "all sales final" Circuit City - RIP!)

Does the E438F support .wav files? I'd like to use .wav for the higher quality (not an audiophile, just for exercising, etc.), but I can't get album info to display properly. If you transfer in a .wav the song title displays when the track is actually playing, but artist, album, genre and year all come up as "unknown" (I've also got the missing album artwork problem listed in another thread). I tried some other Windows Media formats instead and all the track information (except for artwork) displays properly. Is there any way for the album info to get transferred with a .wav? I tried the Windows Media Lossless format and couldn't get the files to play at all. If .wav isn't an option is there another optimal choice?

I picked the 8 GB E438F for the high capacity, and I'm hoping these are easily corrected problems. I'm holding off reformatting it as a last resort before returning it. When I was playing around with in the store it looked like a great buy (on sale for $99) for what I was looking for - music and maybe some photos, couldn't care less about video feedback. Did I just get a lemon or are these fairly common issues? Thanks in advance for any help.
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If I remember correctly, you cannot embbed tag informations on a WAV file. Which means that music informations (artist, album, genre...) are not stored on the file but on your local library. So they will not appear if you transfert the file. So I guess that is normal and that would be the case on any player on the market (but maybe I'm wrong and the MTP system could handle this (but I am really pessimistic on it)).

The only solution I see is to have a player which support an other lossless format (one with tag system) : FLAC, Apple Lossless, MPEG4-ALS, Monkey's Audio, TTA or Lossless WMA.
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