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Default NWZ-E436F & shuffle

Whenever I "Shuffle All", the player always starts with the same song. The first song on "All Songs". If I go back and shuffle enough times, it will start with a new song. But, it just sticks the original first song second on the shuffle list.

I emailed sony, but they were no help. They told me instead of using "shuffle all", to pick a song under normal play mode, then switch it to "shuffle" in play mode. But, again, the player just sticks the same song in after the currently playing song.

I'm sort of pulling my hair out here. It's driving me crazy. Yeah, I like the song! But I don't want to hear it every time I shuffle!
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Wow, sounds like a bad shuffle algorithm. This sounds silly, but have you tried removing that one song from your player and seeing if it still plays the first song every time. I'm sure it will, but you never know.

edit: I looked through some reviews at Amazon, and someone had a similar complaint, and a possible solution:
Shuffle often plays the same second song no matter when I start up the player. There's a four-page complaint page about shuffle problems with iPods and other MP3s, but my solution was to get a selection that is only 1.30 long, retitle it with an apostrophe at the beginning so it goes to the head of the songs list, and then I don't have wait long to find out the next surprise selection of the 1700 "songs" on the player.
dapreview (another DAP site)
epiZENter (Creative fansite)

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got the same problem, i just change up song and enjoy
mp3 Players i own:
Sandisk Sansa e280 8gb+1gb (rockbox 3.6)
Sony Walkmann NWZ-E436F(RED) 4gb fw.(1.02)
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Huh. Why didn't I think of that before posting?

What I did was, make a 1 second sound with windows sound recorder. It doesn't need to be a real sound. Then I converted it into a VERY low quality MP3, and then tagged the title, artist, album ETC all with "'*01234567". Now I get a 1 second pause before the shuffle starts.

And yeah, I had tried removing the first song. All it did was use the next song on the "all songs" list.

Now if I could just figure out how to get playlists working.. pla files are really worthless, if you ask me.

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Same issue here. It's always the first song which is played in shuffle mode.
If I try to select manually a song, the next track will still be the first song of the list. And the full list will play in same order oO

Sony support told me it was because my song started with " . I changed for a track starting with a number but the issue was the same. Maybe the song should start with a simple letter, I will try it someday.

I do not want to use this 1 second long track trick. What would be really good from sony would be to upgrade firmware to fix the tons of bugs the device is filled with.
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nwz-e436f, shuffle, sony

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