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Default S30 Not Connected

I have always had this problem and just built a new computer and can't get the OS to recognize the device. It shows up as a Gigabeat but always says there was an error. This time it is saying the "specified service does not exist as an installed service". Before I was getting an error about the INF file or something not located.

I have XP SP3 with WMP11. The only times I got it to work on my old cpu was to install WMP10 from the Vendor included CD.
This is absolutely insane and ridiculous to get this to work.

Please help. Exhausted and out of ideas.
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Wow. Update for anyone searching the net like I was.

I downloaded this MTP kit,, however, if you google for the filename you can download it without verification.
this worked for me and I am now sync'd. What a headache!
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Default Gigabeat USB conection gone completly

After turning my battery off for a couple of days, my gigabeat will not be recognised by my PC or even charge through its USB.

This seems to preclude any sort of soft-ware fix but I don't think the problem is hard ware based as the player was fine up until I turned the battary off (because it kept discharging). The player is otherwise still working fine.

I guess I am now stuck with my current music for ever
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