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Default Any chance of Rockbox or MSC?

I bought a zen x-fi (32gb) in singapore last year, and while I'm really happy with the sound, the usability/interface is not the best well, not the best given I use linux, and it's an MTP device. I found that I could put music on the device, but if transferring a lot, it would occasionally fail mid way. Not knowing what was tx'd and what wasn't, i'd just select the same big bunch again. I then found I was running out of space very quickly, and upon checking, the file system, I found that the MTP file system supports files with the same name. Therefore i had some files on my device up to 3 times... not the best. Is there any chance that in future this may be able to be converted to an MSC device? Also, has anyone heard any rumours of rockbox being put on it? Have had a bit of a search, and there's not much out there...
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No, the latest Creative players (except for the Stone) are all MTP devices only it will most likely stay thay way. You may want to check out this thread regarding Rockbox.
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Originally Posted by BobbyRS View Post
No, the latest Creative players (except for the Stone) are all MTP devices only it will most likely stay thay way.[URL=""]
Interesting that it didn't stay that way. The X-Fi2 is MSC. And the X-Fi Style and X-Fi3.

By the way, EnzoTen you might want to correct the entry that says X-Fi2 is MTP.

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