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Looks like this is a very common problem.

I got my 60GB version yesterday and started installing the software and charging.

The only trick in this is, when it asks you to connect the device, connect it but do not restart your pc.

As you can see, as soon as you connect your player, it will blink indicating its charging.

If you happen to restart before charging, the computer cannot find what devide you are connecting as a result, it wont detect.

So my advise would be to connect the device when it ask you to do so and wait for 6 hours till it get charged full.
then you can restart.

Hope this helps.
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When i plugged it in the pc for the first time, the blue led just stayed on, it didn't start flashing. I left it overnight and in the morning everything was the same. After that i moved it to my other PC, still the same, connected it to a laptop and still it wouldn't charge. I thought of giving up but still connected it to the pc for one last try and suddenly it started charging. I left it to fully charge and i haven't had any trouble since...
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This is disheartening...considering I just got my vision m about four hours ago and it just now decided to freeze up on me!

I'm going to let the battery run down and see what happens. I'm hoping it's different that what the rest of you are experiencing since it's SO freaking new and the screen doesn't seem to be doing what the others have been.

Wish me luck! I want to play with it!
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Happy Christmas to me! There's a reset button hidden at the bottom of the player...disaster averted. Good luck to the rest of you!
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ok for all of you who think your creative is dead I have a solution, my froze and I hit reset and it didnt help it would come up to the screen and freeze nothing would work. So yes you will lose all of your music I am sorry unless this first part works, first put something in reset button and hold power switch over like you are turning it off let reset button go and hold the power button yet, it should take you into recovery mode, go and do a disk scan if that goes thru and nothing comes up hard drive isnt dead, it may take a little to complete it. Go to format hard drive and wipe out everything sorry its the only way it will work to get it working again. Go here that should be the firmware for the 60 G Zen Vision M connect it to the computer after you downloaded the firmware onto your computer, make sure you delete the current firmware and then plug in your mp3 player to computer it should be able to then detect it and then install new firmware, it will reboot and it will work again. I bought a different mp3 player thinking it was shot did that and now mine works. If anyone is looking for one that works great now that I did all of that I will sell mine for 50.00 plus shipping if your not in wisconsin. just email me at mketroy at gmail dot com and we can work out details. Hope this works for those of you who are having issues. If it doesnt I can try to walk you thru more of it because your mp3 player should be fine as long as you can feel the hard drive try to spin while you are holding it in your hand.
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we call them froZEN's
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My goodness this is an old thread.
Sit Down, Shut Up, Don't *!@#*^#!! With Me. I'm Drivin'
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