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Default Useprogs interactive graphics demos


I have been playing around with Ubuntu Linux, C programming and the O2, for a couple of weeks now,
if you want something totally useless, but very colorful on you O2, then here are four "interactive"
graphics that will help you kill 5 minutes.

1. Draw dot - a wax paint look drawing thingy, press plus and minus buttons to change pen color,
hold plus and minus for clear display to bg images. See readme for image info.

2. Draw Flashing Leds

3. Draw Lines- center at x,y when the screen is touched

4. Draw a Circle at x,y when the screen is touched, at random size and color.

Download: 900kb.

Thanks to arcanos, pegahi and Fred08,<script type="text/javascript">egister("postmenu_42035", t</script> over at Cowon America Forum,
and to the author of the Ladder userprog where the loadbitmap function comes from.
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nice to see people doing stuff for the o2
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Originally Posted by mgz View Post
nice to see people doing stuff for the o2
Ditto, keep up the great work. Hopefully Cowon will make a re-newed effort to make major improvements to the O2
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