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Default touchscreen themes

ok so i dont have a spinn and am debating whether to get the spinn or s9 (help on that would be great to but thats off topic a bit)
but does anyone know if that Nova guy that did the themes for the s9 does/did any themes for the spinn
does anyone have themes that are made for using the touchscreen more (ie swiping through the main menu, little moving icons, idk anything but what comes with it that uses the touchscreen more)
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I do not want to bash the SPINN here, I really wanted to like this player, but since Iriver added a Memo function, but did not care to fix and improve all the music playing functionalities which are really very much crippled, I have given up all hope. The S9 is likely to receive much more support from the users, as it is more popular. But at least in Germany, the S9 costs an arm and a leg for the 8GB version (220) which I think is a reduculously high price.
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