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Default BBC iPlayer Videos stop after 30-40 seconds

To my joy I've discovered that BBC iPlayer "DRM WMV Portable" files work on the Sansa View but only for 30-40 seconds before stopping and going back to the menu.

Here's how it works:

1. Go to:
2. Select any of the programs and click on "More downloads", then "Portable Devices"
3. This will give you a DRM encoded WMV file.
4. I open this in WMP (v11 on Vista in my case) which downloads it's license.
5. I then copy this to the Sansa View using MTP (Drag/Drop or WMP Sync works).

I then play this on the Sansa View and for the first 30-40 seconds it works perfectly (great quality too and no need to convert it in anyway) but it then stops abruptly and goes back to the Sansa View's menu. I've tried it with several programs and each only last 30-40 seconds.

Playing the file on WMP11 on my PC and it works fine.

Picking a file at random, they look to be:

Resolution: 320x180
Bitrate: 500Kbps
Frame rate: 25fps
Audio bitrate: 128Kbps

I'm guessing this aspect is fine as otherwise it wouldn't play at all. Any ideas why this could be happening? I'm thinking it's running out of buffer somehow. Thanks.

p.s - I like this approach as it seems to require no conversion.
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