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Default I dropped my Fuze!

...and now it works better!

I used to be a little annoyed that my Fuze creaked when I pressed on the front, and the right-side seam flexed a little bit. Then, yesterday on my way back in from the break room, I bump in to a couple of coworkers and we start talking. Naturally, I do the polite thing and take out my ear buds and start putting the Fuze away. One of them notices my Fuze and asks, "Which iPod is that, I've never seen that model before?"

I of course replied, "It's not. It's a Fuze."

My co-worker expressed some curiosity so I took the Fuze back out, switched it on, and started showing off menus and features. While I'm doing that the player slips out of my hand and lands with a thud, face down, on the carpeted office floor. GAH!! My poor baby!!

Thanks to BSE there are no scratches on it, and when I picked the Fuze up it was still playing the video clip as if nothing had happened. I quickly checked that sound and click wheel were still working, and that's when I noticed that the creaking was gone.

Apparently the front piece just needed to be shoved into place.

Disclaimer: Throw your Fuze on the floor at your own risk...
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